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Simple Design Customization

Simple Design Customization

This customer has added their company logo to a standard template. This customer has customized the templates extensively incorporating Flash animation and a frames based layout. Interesting visual effects include the home page entrance and dynamic display of product colors.

Point and click changes

Some structural changes to your web site can be achieved by simply selecting options available inside the browser based maintenance system (BBMS).

Don''t want your customers to have to register when using your check out? Then go to Orders Setup inside BBMS and turn this option off. Your site will instantly support a guest check out.

Want to integrate a real time payment gateway? Sign up with a supported payment gateway provider and type your merchant id into our payment gateway server. Your store now supports real time payments. No coding required.

Creating and maintaining static web pages

All content in your store including web page content and inventory is entirely database driven. This enables you to add or modify a web page to your site by editing it within the browser based maintenance system. There is no need to edit or maintain links to your pages. The system does it all for you. Just give the page a name, specify it to appear in the toolbar and add the page content.

Of course, if you do have your own HTML pages that you would like to include in your store you can simply link to these instead.

Database driven extra item pages

Sometimes the detailed product page is just not enough to tell the customer everything there is to know about the product. In these cases extra item pages can be dynamically created for additional information such as specifications documents and frequently asked questions. You can maintain this information in the database just as you would maintain an other information about the product.

Creating your own unique look and feel

Creating your own unique store look and feel can be achieved by modifying just 3 HTML pages. Modifying any one of these pages and the change will automatically be reflected within every page of your store.

  1. Header
    • The header contains all of the navigation elements of your store and typically also contains your company logo. The header is the major design element of your store.
  2. Footer
    • The footer typically contains a copy right notice, additional links or contact information. It is displayed at the bottom of the page.
  3. Cascading style sheet
    • The cascading style sheet contains all of the colours and font choices for your store. Use this page to match the colours you have specified n your Header and Footer files.

Modular template design
iiStorebuilder Studio uses code snippets called Includes extensively. These code snippets make custom designing the features of your store as simple as changing a file name.

Each store ships with many Includes that control different page layout and search functions. So if, for example, you don''t like the search function or the layout of a product page then there are several ready built alternatives that can be used by simply changing the file name of the Include file.

All templates have pre-built support for Includes for the following functions:

  • Different product layouts including many different tabular and column based layouts
  • Different advanced search functions
  • Different layouts for your top level product categories including DHTML and standard text box inventory menus
  • Member login boxes
  • Featured product lists