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Payment gateway

Support for offline and real time credit card processing:

1) Offline.
The order is accepted via a 128bit SSL encrypted payment form. The merchant is emailed notification as soon as iiStorebuilder 2003 receives an order. The merchant then logs onto their secure web site to receive details of the order. From this the credit card can then be processed manually offline using an EFTPOS terminal.

2) Real time or Online.
The order is accepted via a 128bit SSL encrypted payment form. The credit card number is passed securely to a payment gateway to verify that the funds are available. The credit card is processed in real time. The merchant is notified of the order and whether the transaction

Payment gateway: how difficult is it to accept secure payments?

The iiStorebuilder Payment Gateway Server makes accepting secure payments easy. This solution is suitable whether you want to accept secure payments online and then process the credit card offline, or have the card processed in real time over the Internet at the time of the transaction.

payment gateway payment gateway payment gateway
Setup an account with the iiStorebuilder Payment Server. Select whether you would like to process credit cards in real time or offline. If you would like to process credit cards offline then simply enter the card types into the form. If you would prefer to process payments in real time then select your preferred processor, obtain your merchant number, and type it into the field.

Multiple Currency Support

Our support of the Payment Gateway WorldPay (see below) even allows you to accept payment in many different international currencies no matter where your company is based. The proceeds of the transaction can be deposited into your account of choice anywhere in the world.

Product Pricing

A subscription to the iiStorebuilder Payment Gateway Server is AUD $39.95 p/mth. Setup fee of $49. Please note you will need an account with the above providers to use this service.

Supported Payment Gateways (see Real time or Online above)

The following payment gatways are fully integrated into iiStorebuilder 2003. This means that you just have to type an account id provided by one of these gateways into a field and you are ready for real time payments. It literally could not be easier!

Supported Gateways:


Dialect Solutions