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True database driven solution

A key feature of iiStorebuilder Studio is that it connects to a Microsoft Access database file by default. You can also connect it to Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL.

Why is this important? Only with a true database driven solution can you do all of the following:

  • browse through tens of thousands of product categories and items
  • search via keywords, price ranges, product codes and more
  • customize the information presented to each customer (such as custom price lists)
  • create user authenticated areas (requires a username/password login)
  • customers can login in and review their past transaction history or the status of their latest order
  • the administrator of the web site can login and in real time update any of the content or inventory on the site
  • the administrator can obtain real time transaction and customer reports from the web site

And because iiStorebuilder Studio connects to a standard Microsoft Access database file you can perform custom database import routines for your inventory from your Excel, CSV or ODBC compliant data sources.

You don't even need Access to use iiStorebuilder Studio as the product ships with an application called iiStorebuilder Maintenance that creates a simple point and click tree view of your data.

Several different template structures supporting B2B and B2C applications

iiStorebuilder Studio ships with several templates. Importantly these templates are different structures and layouts. This enables you to choose a template that closely resembles the way your business operates or the way you'd like your store displayed.

There are templates that have all the functions pre-built to support:

  • public retail sites
  • public retail site + restricted member area (member area displayed different price)
  • public catalogue only (ability to browse and search catalogue but no ecommerce functions)
  • public catalogue site + restricted member area (as above but member area includes ecommerce functions)
  • public info site + restricted member area (public site includes informational pages only and has no catalogue or ecommerce functions. Member area includes ecommerce functions)
  • member only site (Entire site access requires username/password. Includes default support for 2 different member based price levels. Add further price levels by duplicating the existing user groups)

Add an extra web page to your site at the click of a button

All content in your store including web page content and inventory is entirely database driven.

This enables you to add or modify a web page to your site by editing it within the browser based maintenance system. There is no need to edit or maintain links to your pages. The system does it all for you. Just give the page a name, specify it to appear in the toolbar and add the page content.

Modular custom design
iiStorebuilder Studio uses code snippets called Includes extensively. These code snippets make custom designing the features of your store as simple as changing a file name.

Each store ships with many Includes that control different page layout and search functions. So if, for example, you don't like the search function or the layout of a product page then there are several ready built alternatives that can be used by simply changing the file name of the Include file.

Affiliate tracking
Create and manage your own affiliates. The affiliate tracking and management system enables you to give commissions for sales generated as a direct result of referrers to your web site. Real time reports are available for both the administrator of the site and the affiliates themselves.

User profiles

Authorised users can log into the system with a unique login id and password.

The system keeps record of vital information such as user particulars and privileges. If required, the store can be set up so users can register online and receive their passwords instantly.

Different pricing levels and templates

Different user groups can be presented with different pricing information.

For example, it is possible to set up different pricing structures for wholesale and retail customers. Access can be controlled with passwords. In fact, a totally different look and feel and be presented to different user groups.

Multiple tax system support

iiStorebuilder supports both a GST/VAT/Retail sales tax style system as well as an over-ride tax which can be specified for each delivery destination. Here is how it works:

  1. Each product includes an Inc. and Ex. tax price. This is for any retail sales tax (or GST/VAT). If you don't have a retail sales tax then you can enter the same price in both fields.
  2. You can also setup zones to which different tax rates will apply. For example a delivery to your home state may incur a 10% sales tax but delivery to other states/countries do not incur any tax. We call this tax an over-ride tax. It applies to a specific delivery zone.
  3. Over-ride taxes can be applied to either the Inc. or Ex. tax product fields. This enables support for tax regimes where the government effectively taxes you on your tax . i.e. you can nominate a system that includes VAT within the product price + an over-ride tax to applied on the VAT inclusive amount.

The end result is a very flexible tax system which accommodates most countries / states requirements.

Four sophisticated freight options
  • Flat rate
  • Weight based
  • Based on total value of goods in shopping cart
  • Based on total items in shopping cart

Each method supports multiple methods of freight (e.g. Post, Courier) per destination. Freight methods and destinations are also definable for different customers groups.

Dedicated server hosting
Host your store on your own machine rather than with an ISP. Have complete control over your web site. Ideal for merchants with ADSL, Cable, ISDN, or T1 connections.